MITAROTONDA is an Italian brand, born in 2013 to cope with contemporary woman’s specific needs: combing style, trends and quality.

Mitarotonda shoes are the right choice for contemporary and multitasking woman, who has to match her daily tasks with work, family and free time. Glamourous shoes that combine fashion and easiness. The brand of choice for a strong, stylish woman.



The unicity in mixing and matching colors, fabrics and leather is what distinguishes Mitarotonda shoes: thanks also to skillful Italian artisans, the result is an excellent product, unique high-class shoes, hard to find in the traditional distribution chains.

Our raw materials are integral part of our shoes success. Not only because they are the product’s foundation, being its long-lasting warranty, but also because they are the beating heart of our styling choices.



Federica Mazza Mitarotonda is Mitarotonda’s Creative and Sales Director, as well as brand spokesperson in QVC Italy.

She travels the world capturing new trends and inspirations. And Mitarotonda shoes really reflect her personality: positive, smiling, friendly and open minded.

This is why Mitarotonda shoes are never trivial or boring: a touch of glitter never killed nobody, did it?

She is a big fan of Social Media, expecially Instagram and Pinterest, where she can find hints and ideas for her collections.

She is herself an influencer due to her online and on air visibility: she has a huge fanbase in Italy that follows her style suggestions and interacts with her daily.

She is always connected with her customers because she loves to be able to satisfy their needs: their satisfaction is her biggest pride.



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